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2018 Wedding Cake Trends in Eugene

Your wedding cake is one of the most important elements of your wedding – it is so special and so symbolic that it will actually take the spotlight during the reception! Naturally, you want this piece to look flawless – but probably even more than that, you want it to be a real treat for… Read more »

How to Choose Eugene Wedding Drinks

Most wedding planners in Eugene would agree that a well-stocked bar is one of the three most important elements for a successful wedding reception (the other two being good music and a delicious menu). However, choosing a range of drinks to serve at your wedding can be quite the confusing task, especially if you’re not… Read more »

Wedding Food Traditions

Wedding traditions can be confusing and sometimes downright irritating, especially when you don’t know them or how to incorporate them in the wedding you’ve always dreamed about. Did you know there are very specific wedding customs related to food as well? If not, read here and find out more – even if you don’t follow… Read more »

Gluten Free Eugene Wedding Menu? Is It a Must?

It doesn’t matter what kind of Eugene wedding you want to plan: be it a small or a large one, a very luxurious, or a very casual one. Food will always be a crucial element to consider, so you have to be extra-attentive with the way you plan your wedding menu. What are some of… Read more »

Farm to Table Tips for a Perfect Eugene Wedding

In a world that seems to be in a constant rush, everyone seems to be craving simplicity – and a good, natural, farm-to-table meal is sometimes all people need to genuinely relax and enjoy themselves.   Your Eugene wedding makes no exception to this rule – and this is precisely why so many brides and… Read more »

How to Plan Your Eugene Wedding Menu

Food will always be a quintessential element at every Eugene wedding – so it’s understandable why most brides and grooms in Eugene are attentive to their wedding menu. So, how do you plan your Eugene wedding menu? Here are some tips all brides and grooms should keep in mind: Consider your budget. Money is the… Read more »