Food With Flare – How To WOW Your Eugene Wedding Guests

Your wedding should be unique from A to Z! After all, you and your significant other are unique individuals, and your love story is truly special – so why would your Big Day be any different?

Try something different at your Eugene wedding.

Of course, you will want to make sure your guests are served the most delicious foods out there – but how about sprinkling everything with a pinch of uniqueness and surprise? We have some ideas to inspire you –

  • Chef’s Station. Offer your guests more than just a meal: make a true show out of it. Aside from the buffet items you will serve, inviting a chef to prepare something really special in front of your guests’ eyes will add a real wow factor to the entire evening. We guarantee people will absolutely love it!
  • A stylish whiskey bar. Want to offer people something really special to drink? What could be classier and more distinguished, other than a bar that provides everyone a generous (and delicious) variety of whiskeys? This is perfect for a very formal affair, but it goes well with a casual or semi-formal outdoor event as well!
  • Cheese “cake”. Tired of the tiered white cake? Why not surprise your guests with a wedding cake replacement? A “cake” made from cheese wheels, served with wine and fruit will definitely amaze everyone – not to mention how much they will enjoy indulging in it!

Looking for the very best wedding catering in Eugene Oregon? Contact Mac’s Catering and allow us to serve you and your guests delicious foods made by the most skilled hands and freshest ingredients!