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Choosing the Perfect Traditional Wedding Cake

Wedding trends will always come and go – but some of you may be much more interested in planning a truly timeless Big Day, rather than a fashionable one. Of course, your wedding cake is one of the absolute centerpieces of the wedding day – and if you want it to be traditional, you definitely have plenty of choices to choose from.

Following, we have gathered some of the very best ones to inspire you:

  • White on white geometrical icing. Looking for the ultimate classic, with a modern twist? A cake with white on white icing stripes or geometrical shapes is perfect for the couple who wants to have a truly beautiful, timeless wedding, but would also like to bring in a modern touch to their Big Day as well. Ideal for an event held in a classy, urban environment, such as a museum, for example!
  • Opulent white cake. Planning a very glamorous wedding, maybe something inspired by the luxury and opulence of the Roaring Twenties? Go for a classic white tiered cake and decorate it with feathers. It will look so feminine, so graceful, and so luxuriant at the same time!
  • Playful white polka dots. Another variation of the white-on-white cake, the polka dotted icing pattern will add a playful, childish, and even retro vibe to your wedding cake. Even a small cake can look absolutely adorable with this design!
  • Just a touch of greenery. Planning a garden wedding, or maybe a classic rustic chic event? If that’s the case, create a simple, white tiered cake and have it decorated with white blooms and/or greenery. It will look absolutely fantastic!


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2018 Wedding Cake Trends in Eugene

Your wedding cake is one of the most important elements of your wedding – it is so special and so symbolic that it will actually take the spotlight during the reception! Naturally, you want this piece to look flawless – but probably even more than that, you want it to be a real treat for your wedding guests.

How to make sure your cake tastes amazing? We have some tips for you –

  • Add flowers. Edible flowers are a huge trend in 2018 – and not just for wedding cakes, but for wedding food as well. The right flowers will make your cake pop with beauty and grace – but they will also add a unique taste to your mix, making your guests truly happy with your choices.
  • Mix them up. Just because you are serving a tiered cake, it doesn’t mean it has to be filled with the same ingredients. Make each tier special – but even more than that, mix up ingredients that are more unique than the traditional buttercream and fruity flavors. Pistachio, rose, ganache, caramel – the list of options is limitless, so you can definitely use your creativity with this wonderful dessert!
  • It doesn’t have to be cake. If you want to be a little bit more non-traditional with your wedding dessert, you can definitely skip the cake and focus on something else. Tiered cheese wheels, macarons, doughnuts – again, there’s an endless list of possibilities and you can absolutely settle for whatever pleases your heart!


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Pressed Flowers on Food? YES!

By now, you have probably grown very familiar with fresh flowers used on different types of wedding cakes – from the scrumptious buttercream ones to the fabulously naked ones.

Have you considered adding pressed flowers to your wedding food, though? As we were saying in a previous post, this is a huge trend for 2018 – and truth be told, it looks absolutely fantastic. Here are some ideas on how you could incorporate pressed flower foods into your Big Day:

  • On canapés. Delicious canapés can be made even better if you add pressed flowers to their décor. Think of dill flowers, mustard, or garlic flowers that will totally change the look (and the taste) of a tasty bite people are already familiar with, but definitely not in this form. Such a great idea for brides who like classic foods…with a twist!
  • Frozen, in fun treats. Thinking of serving jello shots at your wedding? Add frozen flowers in each of the shots to make it look absolutely spectacular. We guarantee your guests will line up to grab one (or more!) of these delicious, awe-inspiring beautiful jello shots!
  • On wedding favors. Even the simplest cookies can be instantly “boosted” when pressed flowers are added to their décor! Do this and your guests will actually want to take the wedding favors home. These cookies will be irresistibly beautiful – and, yes, they can be totally delicious too! Perfect blend between looks and taste!

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Biggest Trends for 2018 Wedding Food

Wedding food trends shouldn’t be followed blindly – especially if you are not particularly fond of any of them. However, trends can always give you great ideas on how to make your wedding day more special – so you should still take a look at them.

What are the biggest trends for 2018 wedding food in Eugene? Here are some tips to inspire you:

  • Black food. Yes, you read that right. The black food trend is taking over Instagram – and truth be told, you really have a lot of reasons to love it. From the fact that it looks classy to the fact that it’s totally unique, there’s a wide range of reasons to make you fall for this trend. You don’t have to go all the way with the black, though – you can always use black rice, black beans, blueberries, and other naturally-dark ingredients to create the effect you are looking for.
  • Flowery food. Again, you read that right. Fresh flowers have been a huge trend in wedding pastry for quite some time now – but next year, you can expect to see them on more than just cake. When used right, edible flowers not only look absolutely fantastic, but taste amazing too!
  • Plant-based…everything. Delicious dishes based on plants, as well as cocktails created with herbs (such as rosemary, for example) – they’re all going to be big next year. Healthy, tasty, and very original, this trend will win your guests’ heart in the blink of an eye!


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How to Choose Eugene Wedding Drinks

Most wedding planners in Eugene would agree that a well-stocked bar is one of the three most important elements for a successful wedding reception (the other two being good music and a delicious menu). However, choosing a range of drinks to serve at your wedding can be quite the confusing task, especially if you’re not sure what would work for your particular style and budget.

So, how to choose your wedding drinks? We have some tips for you –

  • In general, catering companies will provide you with a list of drinks to choose from. Most of the times, they are split in three main categories: well, call, and top shelf (or “premium”). These categories are meant to cover everyone’s needs, so you are more than likely to find something that will suit your wedding.
  • The “well” category frequently includes drinks that fall into the entry (or budget-friendly) range: lower priced wines and beers, as well as liquors. The “call” category includes branded names and these drinks are usually used for very specific drinks (e.g. a Martini made with a particular brand). As for the “top shelf” category, it includes, as you would expect, higher priced drinks that usually fall into the entry-level luxury range.
  • If you are concerned with your budget but still want to make sure your guests receive great drinks, we suggest you pick the “well” option. If you want your guests to be fully happy with the wedding bar, the “call” category will offer a very good price-to-quality ratio. In general, the “top shelf” category is not as common, and especially not for a large wedding – but if your budget allows for this, you can, of course, pick a drink or two from that category as well.


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Wedding Food Traditions

Wedding traditions can be confusing and sometimes downright irritating, especially when you don’t know them or how to incorporate them in the wedding you’ve always dreamed about.

Did you know there are very specific wedding customs related to food as well? If not, read here and find out more – even if you don’t follow these, you will still find them inspiring!

  • Tossing rice on the bride and groom as they make their big ceremony exit is very common in the American tradition. What you may not know, however, is that rice is very much present in other cultures as well – and not just for the wedding exit. For instance, there are cultures that say it is considered bad luck to visit a bride and groom’s house before the bride has cooked rice.
  • In the Greek tradition, the brides sometimes smear honey on their doors (they usually do it in the shape of a cross). After that, they throw pomegranate at the door – if many seeds stick to the honey, it is believed that the bride will be blessed with a happy marriage and many children.
  • Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without the tradition of breaking the bread. This wedding custom has been re-iterated in many shapes – from having the bride and groom “fight” over the bread and pull in different directions, to breaking the bread over the bride’s head. Some even believe the tradition of the wedding cake is actually a derived from that of the bread!

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Cocktail Ideas Perfect for a Eugene Halloween Wedding

Halloween and weddings may not be the first association you’ll make – and yet, there are many couples in love with Halloween and want to get married on that day.  Are you one of them? If so, then you will want your Halloween themed Eugene wedding to stand out from the crowd – and special cocktails are always part of a successful mix.

What are some Halloween cocktails you could serve at your wedding?

• Bloody Mary. Now, this is an all-time classic – both when it comes to Halloween and when it comes to people who just enjoy their cocktails a bit on the…spicy side. If you want to make your Bloody Mary cocktails really pop, serve them from skeleton-shaped glasses. For a bit of extra-taste and crunch, don’t forget to add a bit of crispy bacon to your mix – people will love it!

• The Eye in the Glass. This recipe can work with pretty much any type of white cocktail, but if you want something truly spectacular, you could combine tequila, lychee liqueur, lemon juice, basil leaves, some Oreo crumbs for a dashing glass rim and lychee balls on skewers (which will look like an eye). This will make such an impression!

• Scary Cachaça. Looking for something exotic yet suitable for Fall? A cocktail based on Cachaça is precisely what you need. Again, to really impress your guests, you could serve this from skeleton or zombie-shaped glasses. Spooky and delicious!

Looking for the best caterer in Eugene? Contact Mac’s Catering right now and allow us to be the ones who will serve your guests with the very best dishes out there.

Gluten Free Eugene Wedding Menu? Is It a Must?

It doesn’t matter what kind of Eugene wedding you want to plan: be it a small or a large one, a very luxurious, or a very casual one. Food will always be a crucial element to consider, so you have to be extra-attentive with the way you plan your wedding menu.

What are some of the essential things to know about planning the perfect wedding menu? Read on and find out more.

  • It is not mandatory to serve a gluten-free and a lactose-free option as a stand-alone menu. However, we highly advise you to work with your catering service provider to find a vegetarian option at the very least. Also, if you know for a fact people in the wedding party are gluten or lactose-free, try to find a compromise solution to accommodate their eating habits.
  • Unless your cocktail hour is very short, do make sure to serve some snacks as well. Alcohol on an empty stomach was never a good idea – much less on your wedding day. Your cocktail hour snacks don’t have to be expensive, so if budget is your main concern, keep in mind that you can find inexpensive solutions as well.
  • For example, you could serve soup shooters during the cocktail hour. These adorable, delicious, and fresh snacks will keep your guests full without breaking the bank. Plus, they’re a very trendy item to include in the wedding menu these days, so they’re guaranteed to be highly appreciated as well.


Looking for a dedicated and talented wedding caterer in Eugene? Contact Mac’s Catering and let’s talk about the wedding foods we’ll serve at your wedding. You and your guests will be delighted with the delicious bites we’ll bring to your Big Day!

Eugene Wedding Dessert Signs Everyone Will Love

Eugene weddings and new babies are some of the sweetest things in Oregon – so it’s really no wonder why many engaged couples put a lot of importance on every detail including their wedding desserts (be it tables filled with candy or lush wedding cakes).

Naturally, you want your guests to genuinely enjoy the dessert you serve at your Eugene wedding – so putting up pretty signs is a great way of adding even more sweetness to the mix.

What are some of the cutest, most popular wedding dessert signs of the moment? We have some tips for you –

  • Blackboard drawings. Admit it: you’ve missed drawing on a blackboard, using colored chalk! Well, now’s the time to doodle the prettiest cakes and cookies – so pack your creativity in a chalk box and draw up your unique, personalized blackboard wedding dessert sign. People will literally fall in love with this!
  • Fun guides. Is your wedding cake made with multiple flavors? Are you serving different types of cupcakes? Draw a cake or a bunch of cupcakes and write down what each layer/ cupcake variety contains. This will help guests find a sweet bite they’re 100% happy with!
  • Want to use both of the aforementioned ideas? Place a large blackboard behind your wedding dessert table and doodle each type of dessert, drawing an arrow to “show” their exact spot on the table. This will look really fun and cute, so it’s guaranteed to get your guests’ admiration and smiles!

Planning the best wedding in Eugene? You’ll need a brilliant catering service – so contact Mac’s Catering right now and let’s talk about the food you want us to serve you and your guests . We have the experience, the care for detail and the passion you need to create an unforgettable wedding!