Choosing the Perfect Traditional Wedding Cake

Wedding trends will always come and go – but some of you may be much more interested in planning a truly timeless Big Day, rather than a fashionable one. Of course, your wedding cake is one of the absolute centerpieces of the wedding day – and if you want it to be traditional, you definitely have plenty of choices to choose from.

Following, we have gathered some of the very best ones to inspire you:

  • White on white geometrical icing. Looking for the ultimate classic, with a modern twist? A cake with white on white icing stripes or geometrical shapes is perfect for the couple who wants to have a truly beautiful, timeless wedding, but would also like to bring in a modern touch to their Big Day as well. Ideal for an event held in a classy, urban environment, such as a museum, for example!
  • Opulent white cake. Planning a very glamorous wedding, maybe something inspired by the luxury and opulence of the Roaring Twenties? Go for a classic white tiered cake and decorate it with feathers. It will look so feminine, so graceful, and so luxuriant at the same time!
  • Playful white polka dots. Another variation of the white-on-white cake, the polka dotted icing pattern will add a playful, childish, and even retro vibe to your wedding cake. Even a small cake can look absolutely adorable with this design!
  • Just a touch of greenery. Planning a garden wedding, or maybe a classic rustic chic event? If that’s the case, create a simple, white tiered cake and have it decorated with white blooms and/or greenery. It will look absolutely fantastic!


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