2018 Wedding Cake Trends in Eugene

Your wedding cake is one of the most important elements of your wedding – it is so special and so symbolic that it will actually take the spotlight during the reception! Naturally, you want this piece to look flawless – but probably even more than that, you want it to be a real treat for your wedding guests.

How to make sure your cake tastes amazing? We have some tips for you –

  • Add flowers. Edible flowers are a huge trend in 2018 – and not just for wedding cakes, but for wedding food as well. The right flowers will make your cake pop with beauty and grace – but they will also add a unique taste to your mix, making your guests truly happy with your choices.
  • Mix them up. Just because you are serving a tiered cake, it doesn’t mean it has to be filled with the same ingredients. Make each tier special – but even more than that, mix up ingredients that are more unique than the traditional buttercream and fruity flavors. Pistachio, rose, ganache, caramel – the list of options is limitless, so you can definitely use your creativity with this wonderful dessert!
  • It doesn’t have to be cake. If you want to be a little bit more non-traditional with your wedding dessert, you can definitely skip the cake and focus on something else. Tiered cheese wheels, macarons, doughnuts – again, there’s an endless list of possibilities and you can absolutely settle for whatever pleases your heart!


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