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How to Choose a Eugene Wedding Caterer

People love good food – not only because it stimulates their brain and releases happiness hormones, but also because it brings everyone together. Eating is just as much socializing as it is nutrition and pleasure. Because of this, it’s only natural to want excellent food served at your Eugene wedding – probably one of the… Read more »

Seated Dinner or Buffet? Which One Is Best for your Eugene Wedding?

Guests won’t attend your Eugene wedding just for the food – but truth be told, it will certainly play an important role in their overall experience.  As the host, you want them to feel amazed and excited at your wedding – and this is precisely why you want to make their dinner experience truly unforgettable…. Read more »

Catering on a Budget

Typically catering can be one of the higher cost items in your budget for events ranging from company picnics to reunions and particularly wedding receptions. The cost of feeding and providing beverages for your guests can be significant. Depending on the event, those costs can be controlled through some strategic planning with a professional that… Read more »

BBQ Catering

The very best BBQ catering is cooked on site at the venue the event is being held. Many catering companies that provide BBQ catering prepare their food ahead of time and transport the product in Cambro units ( Hot Boxes ) and then transfer to chafing dishes on site before serving. While this method is… Read more »