BBQ Catering

The very best BBQ catering is cooked on site at the venue the event is being held.

Many catering companies that provide BBQ catering prepare their food ahead of time and transport the product in Cambro units ( Hot Boxes ) and then transfer to chafing dishes on site before serving.

While this method is effective, and honestly sometimes necessary for very large events. Our experience has proven there is no way that the quality of that product will be as good as if it were cooked on site and served directly to your guests. Particularly beef products. Items like hamburgers, steaks, tri-tip, beef kabobs all need to be cooked on site in order to be at optimum quality for maintaining the true flavor of the product, not drying out or being over cooked.

When our clients request any of those items we let them know that we will be more than happy to provide great beef products for their event, however we require that they are cooked on site.

BBQ season is about here. We’ll bring the grill!