Seated Dinner or Buffet? Which One Is Best for your Eugene Wedding?

Guests won’t attend your Eugene wedding just for the food – but truth be told, it will certainly play an important role in their overall experience.  As the host, you want them to feel amazed and excited at your wedding – and this is precisely why you want to make their dinner experience truly unforgettable.

What’s best, though? Having a seated dinner, or serving buffet foods?  Essentially, there’s no right or wrong answer – it all depends on you and your Eugene wedding style.

  • If you’re having an elegant wedding, a seated dinner is by far the best choice. Nothing compares to being served with each course. Plus, a seated dinner doesn’t have to cost a fortune – it all depends on what you have us put on the plate.
  • If you want something casual and friendly, a buffet is perfect for you. However, keep in mind that this is not necessarily a good way to save money because people are more likely to eat larger sizes if they are helping themselves at a buffet.
  • If you want something that strikes the right balance between these two options, consider having a family-style dinner, where guests pass around different dishes so that everyone can fill their plate with their favorite dishes. This is ideal for a casual, intimate wedding!

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