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Choosing the Perfect Traditional Wedding Cake

Wedding trends will always come and go – but some of you may be much more interested in planning a truly timeless Big Day, rather than a fashionable one. Of course, your wedding cake is one of the absolute centerpieces of the wedding day – and if you want it to be traditional, you definitely… Read more »

Pressed Flowers on Food? YES!

By now, you have probably grown very familiar with fresh flowers used on different types of wedding cakes – from the scrumptious buttercream ones to the fabulously naked ones. Have you considered adding pressed flowers to your wedding food, though? As we were saying in a previous post, this is a huge trend for 2018… Read more »

Biggest Trends for 2018 Wedding Food

Wedding food trends shouldn’t be followed blindly – especially if you are not particularly fond of any of them. However, trends can always give you great ideas on how to make your wedding day more special – so you should still take a look at them. What are the biggest trends for 2018 wedding food… Read more »

Wedding Food Traditions

Wedding traditions can be confusing and sometimes downright irritating, especially when you don’t know them or how to incorporate them in the wedding you’ve always dreamed about. Did you know there are very specific wedding customs related to food as well? If not, read here and find out more – even if you don’t follow… Read more »