Eugene Wedding Dessert Signs Everyone Will Love

Eugene weddings and new babies are some of the sweetest things in Oregon – so it’s really no wonder why many engaged couples put a lot of importance on every detail including their wedding desserts (be it tables filled with candy or lush wedding cakes).

Naturally, you want your guests to genuinely enjoy the dessert you serve at your Eugene wedding – so putting up pretty signs is a great way of adding even more sweetness to the mix.

What are some of the cutest, most popular wedding dessert signs of the moment? We have some tips for you –

  • Blackboard drawings. Admit it: you’ve missed drawing on a blackboard, using colored chalk! Well, now’s the time to doodle the prettiest cakes and cookies – so pack your creativity in a chalk box and draw up your unique, personalized blackboard wedding dessert sign. People will literally fall in love with this!
  • Fun guides. Is your wedding cake made with multiple flavors? Are you serving different types of cupcakes? Draw a cake or a bunch of cupcakes and write down what each layer/ cupcake variety contains. This will help guests find a sweet bite they’re 100% happy with!
  • Want to use both of the aforementioned ideas? Place a large blackboard behind your wedding dessert table and doodle each type of dessert, drawing an arrow to “show” their exact spot on the table. This will look really fun and cute, so it’s guaranteed to get your guests’ admiration and smiles!

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