Unique Snack Ideas for your Eugene Wedding

Have You Thought of Serving Unique Snacks at Your Eugene Wedding?  You should and there are a thousand reasons why.

Aside from the main dishes you will serve at your Eugene wedding, a late-night snack will create a sense of “complicity in sin” among your guests, especially if you serve them with something they wouldn’t eat past dinnertime on a normal day. Plus, this kind of treat will give them plenty of energy to dance and have fun until the morning comes – so yes, they will definitely enjoy a surprise late-night snack.

What are some options when it comes to unique snack ideas for your Eugene wedding?

  • Pancake bar. Breakfast for dinner? While it may not be healthy to eat pancakes late at night, your guests can afford the indulgence, given that this is such a special day for you. Organize a special bar with delicious pancakes and toppings, so that your guests can create the perfect sweet treat.
  • Burgers and fries. OK, this may not seem like a Eugene wedding-worthy treat – but hear us out. Comfort foods have gained a lot of ground in the wedding world – and what could be more comforting than a gourmet mini burger and a small serving of golden fries? Your guests will love this!
  • Milk and cookies, the small format. Pour some local milk into small shot glasses and cover them with a homemade cookie. Bring this to the tables late at night and watch your guests feel childish again. Now, this is the kind of wedding snack they will always remember!

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